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How to Handle the Holiday Season!

The Bereaved Holiday Season - Bill of Rights by Tanya Lord!

As a grieving person you have certain inalienable rights that cannot be taken away from you by those who may not understand.

When grieving during the holiday season, you have the right to:

  1. To feel what you feel and to be politely honest with others about it. If you do not feel merry, cheerful or otherwise festive then say so.

  2. The right to not share your feelings if you would rather.

  3. To not go to parties or family gatherings where your loved one and your grief are not welcome.

  4. To take time for yourself. Whether this is a walk alone, a day in bed or some other momentary escape.

  5. To cry when it hurts, to laugh when something is funny and to smile when you are happy, and to not feel guilty about any of it.

  6. To have your loved one remembered in a away that is meaningful to you.

  7. To change your mind over and over during any get together, even or party. You may not know what you can or cannot handle until face with it.

  8. To change traditions when necessary or desired. Traditions are supposed to bring comfort, not distress.

  9. To enjoy holidays. Your loved one is going to be celebrating with you (in spirit). It doesn't mean that you have forgotten or are being disrespectful. Living life is a wonderful way to honor them.

  10. To try again next year, if this year does not turn out the way that you want!

Remember, It's Your Inalienable Right! I Have The Right! You Have The Right! We All Have The Right!

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