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COVID Notice: Good Mourning Ministry currently has several 50-minute session types available – phone, in-person, or by cloud-based video and audio conferencing platforms.

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Grief Work Outreach Program

7-Week Individual Session or 12-Week Group Recovery Session

  • Good Mourning: Road to Recovery™

  • Moving Forward: Spiritual Support Groups™

  • Taking Care of Business AfterCare Services™

Customized Educational Workshops available upon request.

Webinars & Seminars
  1. Matters of Life and Death

  2. Journey of Grief

  3. Ministry to Death and Dying

  4. How to Help Hurting People Grieve

  5. Cultural Perspectives on Death and Dying

  6. How to provide comfort for the dying and their family

  7. Understanding Grief from a Biblical Perspective

Other Specialty Services

End of Life Doula Care Services
Theophostic Ministry

Meaningful Funeral, Ceremonies and Memorial Services
Obituary Writing 
Funeral or Memorial Program Design
Notary Services


“People who take the time and make the effort to create meaningful funeral arrangements when someone loved dies often end up making new arrangements in their own lives. They remember and reconnect with what is most meaningful to them in life. They strengthen bonds with family members and friends. They emerge changed, more authentic and purposeful. The best funerals remind us how we should live.”


Dr. Alan Wolfelt

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